खरीदी केसे करें ? How To Shop?

अपनी भाषा को चुने! Selecting the Language!

हर पेज में सबसे ऊपर आते हें दो विकल्प अंग्रजी और हिंदी

हिंदी को चुन्ने के लिए “Hindi” को दबाएँ |

Place your order at KitaabKart.in following these 7 quick and easy steps:

  1. Finding the product you want to buy.
  2. Add the product to Your Shopping cart.
  3. Proceeding to Checkout.
  4. You can sign in through your google account or by simply making an account or by guest mode
  5. Billing & Shipping
  6. Provide Payment Information and authorization
  7. View or print your Order Acknowledgment and check your Order status

1.Finding the product you want to buy

For ease, we have separated our vast range of products in category and sub-category. You can see our categories in our Main Menu.

2.Add the product to Your Shopping cart.

You can add product in your cart by clicking add to cart button. or if you want to buy it later you can now also add it to your Wishlist which is just below add to cart button.

3.Proceeding to Checkout

You can just click to checkout button in the cart.

4.Login Procedure

You can now make account in our website for removing the hassle of typing contact details every single time and for getting updates about vacancies, Recommended books, Syllabus and more by clicking my account in the main menu.

For quick checkout you can also use guest customer checkout but we personally recommend making an account.

You can now also Sign in with Google Account.

5.Billing & Shipping

For placing order you have to enter billing and shipping details in the given columns.

6.Provide Payment Information and authorization

After entering shipping details, you can now securely checkout with Razorpay.

7.View or print your Order Acknowledgment and check your Order status

Congrats you now know how to shop in our website. hope you didn’t have any difficulty in ordering your book.

In case you have, you can inform us by our feedback portal. we will make sure to improve in serving you even better.