About Us

Who we are

We are the means or a passage to the people of India for finding their destiny by reading and getting knowledge which they want and not what they get…

What our mission is…

We started from a small newspaper agency to a Well-Known town’s bookshop to an idea/mission to educate every single person who seeks to gain knowledge for the betterment of society, we had come soo far here to serve the nation by reaching out to the people who need people like us to build a passage to their destination. We all can make a good society, a good nation when a person differentiates between right and wrong that can only be done by educating oneself, so what’s better than facilitating you all with Books. And That’s why we are here for YOU

What our Vision is

Our vision is only to focus on how we can properly facilitate books and things need for a person to educate himself/herself in the most efficient and affordable way possible for everyone and everywhere.

And as we grow, we will be able to do more for the people…

but for now, we will try to provide our service in the best way possible 😊

“As we want to leave a society better than the one in which we live in because it’s not About me or you but the legacy we all leave behind”

-Siddharth Sahu & kitaabkart team

Our Team


Siddharth Sahu